Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Little Relief

That mysterious wet stuff was coming down from the sky on my trip home last night, and it continued on throughout most of today (in fact, at one point, they gave a most unusual weather forecast on the radio: 100% chance of rain). It won't be nearly enough to even put a dent in the drought conditions around here, but every little bit helps; maybe we can go a day or two without having a grass fire warning for once.

I would have actually had a post of substance this weekend, but I got caught up in two very interesting discussions of the Venus-vs.-Mars variety:
  • Over at Althouse, the subject was the "gender gap" in education, which now appears to be swinging in favor of girls, since schools today tend to favor the sit-down-and-listen approach that doesn't work so well for boys...who then tend to get over-diagnosed with ADD and ADHD and medicated into submission (I'll elaborate more on this subject in a later post).

  • And over at Dr. Helen (a.k.a. the InstaWife), the discussion is about why some men are reluctant to marry; one of the big reasons is that the divorce laws are often stacked against them, no matter what their personal situation.
I'm doing a lot of planning for my fraternity workshop this coming weekend, so posting may be sparse for the next few days, but I'll try to pop on with at least a little something here and there.

Jazz has a sense of humor: Yesterday's comics pages contained not one, but two references to jazz artists: B.C. included Maynard Ferguson in its punchline, while Pearls Before Swine touted Chick Corea and included a very funny misunderstanding of his last name. (I'll admit that, as a kid, I used to think his first name was "Chuck.")


James said...

Didn't realise you guys were in drought conditions too. Much of my state is very very dry. Our dam that supplies the majority of Sydney with water is at about 40%.

Bring on that rain for both of us! :)

Anonymous said...

Those stupid jokes are not funny at all.

With Love
Jazzy C

Anonymous said...

Okay.. who took the first part of my nickname.. *evil stare*

We all know Maynard is never late for a gig, but the Chick Corea reference was kinda funny. I can't remember what I used to think his first name was. But it wasn't Chick.