Thursday, January 19, 2006


I have a lot of things I want to blog about, but they'll have to wait till the weekend. As you can see from the time stamp, it's pretty late, and I've only been home for slightly more than an hour.

Seeing as how I started teaching at 7:30 this morning, I should certainly be completely exhausted by now, but I'm not. Why? Because this is my long day at the college--two jazz combos, plus a decent-sized dinner break in between. Instead of being spent when it's over, I'm usually energized, because I just love teaching college in general, and I really enjoy working with these two groups (especially the night group, which I only see on Thursdays). I really feel like this is where I need to be, and I'm glad to get to be there twice a week.

Anyone else out there have, or had, a job you totally love?


Eric Grubbs said...

Um . . . there are aspects I love!


Ms. Worley said...

While most people probably wouldn't dig the middle schooler thing, especially when they're gender divided like mine... I am really loving my 7th and 8th grade choirs right now. We're doing daily group sight-singing, which is something they used to struggle with and hate... but now they're actually succeeding and I swear to you, they applaud when I say it's time for sight-singing. It's like every choir director's dream come true. Very cute. Love my kids.

Kev said...

Eric--Heh, yeah, I bet, including the fame, fortune, and being mistaken for local car dealers. ;-)

Ms. W: I dig my middle schoolers one at a time; they might well drive me crazy in groups. ;-) But the profession needs people like you who obviously love what they do and who they teach.