Tuesday, October 18, 2005


There are always one or two days a year that just hit me like a ton o' bricks, and today was one of those days. The combination of a Monday and the trip to Denton took it out of me last night; how in the world did I do that every week back when I was running the alumni program for my fraternity chapter? Still, it was great to hear Randy Brecker again, even if we couldn't stay for the whole thing. The Woody Witt group definitely bears further checking-out the next time I'm in Houston (among them was the outstanding pianist Joe LoCascio, whom I'd heard before, backing up Marvin Stamm), and it's always a pleasure to hear Ed Soph on the drums. Still, the evening took its toll, and I was dragging through the entire teaching day. When I got home a little while ago and still felt exhausted, I knew that it was the day to go to bed by 10:30 (whic I'm about to do) so that the extreme tiredness doesn't continue.

So I still have a lot to talk about, but some of the hot-button issues that I want to discuss aren't going away anytime soon, so I'll get caught up eventually.

Comment-ary: This is one aimed at the regular Musings readers; I've noticed that there haven't been as many comments here lately, so I was just curious--does it have to do with the word-verification thing, or are people just being uncharacteristically quiet? Or do you just agree with everything I'm saying here? (Yeah, right.) Anyway, I'm definitely keeping the word-verifcation function, but I was just wondering if anyone was having any trouble with it.


Kev said...

"The verification doesn't bug me, except sometimes with the font and Warp Factor used it's hard to tell what characters they want!

I've heard that comment from readers of other blogs as well; that was the main thing I was checking on here.

Eric Grubbs said...

The word verification is great and it doesn't hamper me from posting a comment. However, there are stretches of posts where I don't know if I can add anything more to the post. It happens frequently on my blog too - I have a regular number of daily visitors but they rarely post comments. I'm not complaining here but it's just something I've noticed.

Shawn said...

Words are bad to read for me. I'll post... I just tend to post whenever I can. Generally, I'm reading blogs while munching on something, or right before I get ready to leave to go somewhere.