Monday, October 31, 2005


I read in the paper today that the D/FW area was around eleven inches behind in rainfall this year. I think all eleven inches tried to come down around 11:00 this morning. On me. D'oh!

OK, it wasn't really that bad, and I do have a reasonably worn-out umbrella that does as much of the job as can be done. Still, it was weird to walk out of my first school to a deluge of that quantity. It calmed down a bit before I had to go to my next school, a park-in-the-front, walk-to-the-back affair. And looking at the big picture, at least large portions of our local vegetation are no longer in as much danger of catching on fire now. Still, I wonder if the would-be ghosts and goblins will be deterred.

Not that I'll be home to greet them, since I teach until 7:30, and then my friend Colin and I are set to partake in Chipotle's "Boo-Rito" promotion (dress up like a burrito--i.e. swath yourself in foil--and get a free one). I do have a bag of candy by the door in case of extreme latecomers, but nobody took advantage of that last year, so I gave most of it to my friends and ate the rest.

There's a gig in the works for this weekend; I'll post it on the sidebar and discuss it tomorrow. For now, I'm off to teach a few at the store (the first two having cancelled, which is the only reason I'm at a computer quite this early on a Monday).

Oh, and if you're new to the blog, here's my ghost story from a few years back. Happy Halloween to all!

UPDATE: In case you're wondering, Colin and I did in fact do the costumes. I had two cartons of aluminum foil, but I forgot the duct tape, so we were pretty much falling apart, costume-wise, by the time we got up to the counter. We added an extra touch by writing the abbreviation for our favorite burritos across our chests in Sharpie; his was an "S" for steak, mine a "C" for chicken, just like they write on the burritos themselves. We were able to go up to the counter and tell them we were wearing our orders!

We were the only costumed ones when we got there, though others would arrive later...but in all honestly, our costumes were better. One guy only had what looked like a Little Red Riding Hood bonnet made of foil on his head. Great fun. We then did what lots of people in school were talking about today and saw Saw II. Now, when someone asks me "Did you see Saw?", I can answer in the affirmative without having been at a playground.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: An exchange with a kid during lessons...
ME: Wow, you made that same mistake for the third time.
KID: I know; I almost never do that. I think it's because I just got back from lunch; I can't concentrate.
ME: Why--because the cafeteria food was so bad?
KID: (laughs and shakes his head)
ME: What is it, then?
KID: Sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
ME: Aha...

I wonder how many kids will be too pumped up on sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrr to even get to sleep tonight.

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