Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ol' Blue Eyes Was Back, and He Was Playing on a #3 Reed

I had a weird dream last night: I was teaching Frank Sinatra a saxophone lesson. He looked as he did in the '50s and '60s (pretty much like this), but it took place in the here and now. I was a little bit uneasy about the whole thing, perhaps because he had a reputation for having Mob connections and all, but it was he who had asked for me, so I complied.

I was surprised to find that, like many older adult students I've taught, he asked a lot of questions, and he seemed genuinely interested in and pleased by my answers. I remember playing for him in the dream, though, when I woke, I had no recollection of him playing for me at all. Nonetheless, he seemed pleased with what he heard, and, when he rose from his chair, I knew the lesson was over, in the way that many celebrities end interviews on a second's notice. Still, he asked me for my business card before he left; I assumed that was so "his people" could pay me later (it didn't cross my mind until I was writing this that maybe he was looking for a backup musician down the road). I remember wondering exactly how handsomely I'd be compensated...and then i woke up.

It would be interesting to see what some of those "professional dream analysts" thought of this one...

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