Monday, November 15, 2004

Hmm, This Might ADD Up to Something

Earlier today, I was talking with a friend who's going into the military at the end of the school year. He's already doing some pre-training stuff, and one of the stipulations was that he had to stop taking his ADD medicine before he entered the program. I asked him how that was working out, and he said, as a matter of fact, he was having no problems at all. Sometimes he had to remind himself to concentrate in classes, but otherwise, it was all good.

He also talked about a book that, among other things, states that men really are wired differently than women, especially in the way they learn. Basically what it says is that we're more into activity rather than passivity; we're not programmed to sit still and take notes and all that for a long period of time, and perhaps the reason that so many more guys are (mis-?) diagnosed with ADD is because they're just being guys!

I haven't read the book yet--though I will when I have time (Christmas? summer?)--but it sure makes me think about a few things: First, I wonder how many kids are hopped up on happy pills for all the wrong reasons, and second, I'm really glad that they didn't know too much about all that when I was a kid.

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G. Travis said...

men really are wired differently than womenUmm.. duh? :P