Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Cheesiest Post I've Ever Written?

No, no, this has nothing to do with the G-Weasel...

By now, I'm sure you've heard about the grilled cheese sandwich that supposedly contains the likeness of the Virgin Mary, and how it was bought by an online casino for 28 grand. Perhaps you were wondering how the sandwich would actually be shipped from Florida to its new home in Las Vegas. Well, it turns out that a reporter from the Miami Herald is driving it across the country (kept in a locked metal briefcase, to which only he and a casino executive know the combination) in a Cadillac deVille. Now that reporter has a blog so you can track his progress across the country. So far, the lucky sandwich has helped him win money gambling but hasn't prevented him from getting a speeding ticket in Alabama.

And for even more fun, the casino has a new site where you can paste your own picture (or that of a famous person) onto the sandwich. Good stuff...

High-tailing it away from retail: I was one of the .000034735% of Americans who did absolutely no shopping whatsoever on so-called Black Friday a few days ago. Instead, I drove back from Sugar Land to here, sleeping in like a normal person before doing so. I was totally amazed on my way back to see the parking lot at Town East Mall full all the way to the back, and I was thankful that my freeway view was the closest I came to that place, or any of its ilk. I've bought one Christmas present so far, and it was online; indeed, if I had my way, I, like Instapundit, would do almost all of my shopping here. As a guy on the radio said tonight, brick-and-mortar is being replaced by click-and-order.

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