Tuesday, October 26, 2004


An unusual epilogue to my jury-duty story:

One thing I don't think I mentioned about all this was that I found out that the plaintiff couple in the lawsuit live about five minutes from me (they plastered their address up on the screen enough on various legal documents and so on, and their street has a really unusual name). I didn't want to be the jury foreman for that reason; if I read the verdict, and it wasn't in their favor (which it turned out not to be), I didn't want to see them the next day at Super Target or something. (A fellow juror pointed out afterwards that maybe in that case, I would want to see them, so we wouldn't collide in the parking lot. Heh.)

At any rate, my trip home from teaching last night sent me through that neighborhood, and that was on my mind as I approached the major street taking me there. As I neared the stoplight, a car in the next lane signaled to turn into my lane. It waited for me to go first, though, and I noticed that it was a Lexus that closely resembled the one I'd seen way too many pictures of last week. But nah, couldn't be him....there are plenty of Lexii in this area. He was going slowly, so I passed him going into the left turn lane. I took a glance into the driver's side window, and sure enough. It was him. The kung-fu master. It was dark, but I could see the outline of the funky beard perfectly.

So how weird is that? The first time I go through their neighborhood since the trial, and there he is. I doubt he recognized me, as he was looking straight ahead (plus he didn't have the benefit of knowing what kind of car I drive, as I did for him). Still, it was a very unusual coda to last week's happenings.

Unusual food of the week: Someone has come up with pine-flavored gum to help deer hunters mask any personal odors that might scare their prey away.

(via Dave Barry's Blog)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: An exchange between me and Kris during "tator tot time" today. (Both the rhythm section and the trombones were having sectionals, so attendance at TTT was sparse.)

KRIS: Where is everybody today?
ME: They're all having sectionals.

And then laughter ensued, because, of course, Kris didn't hear the "tionals" part of my sentence. Hey, we may do TTT to "bond with the band," but I don't think anyone wants to bond that much.

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