Monday, October 04, 2004

Notes from the Road (Stephenville Edition)

I've done a post like this before after a Sinfonia roadtrip (one of the cool things about being governor is that I get to go on several little sojourns like this every semester)--a collection of random interesting stuff from the trip:

--In Benbrook, the place where you get off I-20 and join Hwy. 377 for the scenic route (which is recommended; going I-20 to 281 bores me to tears), there's a local restaurant called "Riscky's Barbeque." I'm sure that's a fine old family name, but I wonder how many people would be uneasy eating a Riscky meal? (On another trip, I noticed a small airport south of Ft. Worth called "Luck Field." I imagine those who are afraid of flying would be quite uneasy about flying out of Luck.)

--Also in Benbrook, there's a restaurant that bills itself as a "Mexican Grill/Oriental Cafe." Imagine the food combinations there: Noodles & Salsa, Enchiladas Chow Mein, Fajita Egg Rolls, and so on.

--Somewhere off 377 is a sign for the sidestreets in each direction: One is ELECTRIC, the other is BILLINGS. Seeing that made me wonder if I'd paid my utilities for the month yet.

--In downtown Stephenville, there's a big fiberglass cow on a tall pole on the courthouse square. The cow is named "Moo-La" in honor of the great amounts of money that the dairy industry brings into Erath County (no, that's not a typo) every year. I understand that climbing Moo-La is a common college prank, especially if you can get your picture taken atop her.

I'll update if I can remember anything else; those are what came to mind at the moment.

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