Saturday, December 27, 2003

"My Name Is Kev...I'll Be Here All Night"

Since I've been out of college, I haven't pulled very many all-nighters. Even if I'm in the middle of some huge project, it's not usually on an urgent deadline like homework used to be, so I've at least been able to get some sleep. This is definitely something I wouldn't want to do all the time anymore.

The reason for my all-nighter? I'm flying out for Indiana at 5:45 in the morning. (That time was not my idea...SO not my idea.) It's for a Sinfonia conference at the national headquarters in Evansville, Indiana. Basically, I missed a portion of the national convention this summer because I was teaching Jazz Camp at the college (a whirlwind week about which I posted earlier on). So they're having a "mini-camp" for the Governors who missed those meetings or have been appointed since then.

As I said, I don't pick the flight times; it's whatever costs the fraternity the least money....but I've drawn the short stick twice in a row now in regards to getting a flight that leaves before 6 a.m. At least this time I'll know to eat breakfast first (learned that the hard way last time; nothing's open that early at the airport). And I'll get there in enough time before the start of the meetings that I should be able to get a hearty nap in somewhere.

Not much has gone on since I got back; being here less than 30 hours between trips, I know how the business travelers who "live out of a suitcase" must feel. I really only had time to do two things: help Halfling with his UNT audition (with a mandatory Chipotle trip in there, since I hadn't been in a week and we both had gotten Burrito Bucks for Christmas) and then go over some tunes with Miles and Andrew for the upcoming New Year's Eve gig.

So in the meantime, here I am....mostly packed, talking to lots of friends on AIM and doing some light reading. I don't know if there will be a "Live from Evansville" entry or not; totally depends on whether or not my hotel has a "business center" with free Net access. And when I'm back, I'm back for the duration...a whole week left to chill (yay) before the schools start back up. Should be a nice time.