Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Now We Are Six

Well, I survived my first, and quite possibly only, 2BC last night. Lee and Micah went for it as well, and Micah actually broke the previous record of 20 minutes, clocking in at a brisk 13 or so. Lee came very close, finishing about 99% of the thing (maybe two bites left, really) before throwing in the towel despite everyone's encouragements. I probably took around 45 minutes (that would include the time standing in line for the second one; the place was packed the whole time we were there) but managed to make it through.

So from our experience, it would seem there are several "secrets" to completing the 2BC, and they can vary from person to person: Stephen S., Micah, and Lee and Steven's friend Mark did the speed-eating thing (Mark nearly bit one of his clean in half *shudder*), while Steven D., Zack and I took our time. I took Zack's advice about drinking a lot of water during the day beforehand, and I didn't have too much Dr Pepper during the first one; indeed, the need for it during the second one (I hit a particularly spicy patch near the end) almost sank me, but I recovered. I think every 2BCer agrees that the second one is more of a chore, unlike the usual joy of eating one.

After that, several of us took off for the movies (Micah was really up for one); we saw "American Wedding," which was probably better than the second one, but still had the usual ratio of funny/gross that we've come to know from the "American Pie" franchise. At one point, Micah and I noted that we probably had too much food in us to be laughing that hard...oh, and there was a rare moment in the parking lot on the way in, where Lee and I were singing variations on Bernstein ("I feel fatty, oh so fatty...") You get the idea. (And due to my current state of not-having-a-girlfriend, you won't be catching me singing showtunes again anytime soon; don't want anyone to get the wrong idea...)

So it was a great way to cap off the summer big band nights, and we broke a new record by cramming nine people around one of the big round tables at Chipotle (thank goodness 15th Street has those, as I haven't seen them anywhere else that I can recall). The League of Lunatics now has six members: Stephen S., Steven D., Mark, Zack, Micah and myself. Lee will be joining us eventually, as he's determined like that (Tenacious Lee?). And I'll be happy as can be if I never eat that much in one sitting for the rest of my life... :-)

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