Tuesday, July 29, 2003


So today I got to direct the college big band while Kris was out; I even brought in enough "ringers" to where I didn't have to play. I don't mind being "player-coach" but in a big band situation it's a lot easier to just do one or the other. I brought Chris and Matt in as subs, and then Zack showed up at Chipotle afterwards, so we had a little Renegade Reunion going. We actually crammed seven people around "our" big round table at one point. Stephen S., the 2BC pioneer, tried again but missed by about 1/3 on the last one.

Oh yeah, happy birthday Pat! I was able to return the favor of the birthday burrito tonight, and we all regaled him in big band with the usual serenade: "OK, everybody play Happy Birthday, pick any key." It was wonderfully cacophonous...