Friday, July 10, 2009

Today's Visit Left Me in Out of Stitches

I usually chime in on how the healing process is going whenever I go see the doctor, and I did that today, so here's the update: Things are going as planned; the doctor is very happy with how everything looks. The staples around the incision came out, and I can already feel an increased freedom of movement even while immobilized. I'm now able to sit with my knee at a 45-degree angle (I'm still walking with it locked down to zero for the foreseeable future), and that allows something else to kick in: Driving an automatic transmission. This is huge, of course, because I've been relying on others for transportation for the past two and a half weeks, with the result being that 1) opportunities to run even the most routine errands are few and far between; and 2) I've been stuck at home a lot for the past few weeks, with the expected boredom as a result. So starting tomorrow, I'll be able to get regular stuff done and give myself a change of scenery when needed.

I don't go back to the doctor for another six weeks now; by that point, I should be quite far along in physical therapy and hopefully ready to ditch the brace at that point. With classes at both the college and the public schools starting the week after that next appointment, the timing couldn't be better.

From here on, I'm hoping that everything is pretty much routine recovery stuff, so I'll probably go back to blogging about regular topics for most of the time.

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