Friday, July 03, 2009

Another Step on the Road to Recovery

I just returned from my first post-surgery trip to the doctor. I've been de-mummified quite a bit (the long bandage that went from my thigh down to midway around my foot is no more, replaced by a gauze covering the affected area), and I can now sit with my knee at a slight angle, which is already infinitely more comfortable than keeping it in the same locked-down position from which I still have to walk for about another month or so. (This also means i can finally sit in the front seats of cars again, instead of sprawled across the back seat, which makes trips to the college or the doctor much more enjoyable.)

I'm probably still a week away from being able to drive a car--an automatic, not the Kevmobile yet, but I have a temporary swap worked out with a friend--so I'll still be a bit of a homebody for a while, but the time has been passing pretty quickly so far. All in all, for a week and a half after surgery, I'm pretty happy with how things are moving ahead.

More updates, of course, as things progress.

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