Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Sunday Smorgasbord

All the news that's fit weird enough to link:
  • I didn't catch this till after the Fourth, but it's still funny: Someone took the most interesting parts of the Consumer Product Safety Commission's fireworks safety video--where they blow up mannequins to make their point--and set it to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture for maximum effect.

  • A video of "class memories," made by a California elementary school teacher and sent home with students, accidentally contained six seconds of the teacher having sex. (I hope that wasn't one of their class memories!)

  • Meanwhile, a Connecticut sitting at home heard her mother screaming and thought she was being assaulted; she rounded up four friends, who went in with a baseball bat and beat the "assailant" senseless. Only then did they find out that Mom was just having sex with the guy. (And wouldn't the moral of this story be to wait to do that until your kid's not home?)

  • Police in Jacksonville, IL are confused as to why someone keeps hanging their dirty underwear on street signs.

  • A newlywed man, married only a week, decided that his wife was taking too long in an airport bathroom, so he got on the plane without her. (Now she wants a divorce.)

  • And finally, a house fire in Australia was said to have started when a cat peed on a laptop.
I probably have five days before I can drive again, so I'll try to do regular blogging--on topics of more substance than this--throughout the week.

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