Saturday, July 25, 2009

Commence Relaxation

The long two weeks of convention and camp have come to a close, and things will be back to normal for a while now. I have one full week of teaching before the high school kids start marching band, and then things will be a little crazy as I work to teach everyone while working around their "two-a-days."

But one thing that I've noticed, as I relax for the first time in a while, is that relaxation itself is more normal than it's been in a while. Since I'm over a month out of surgery now, my condition has improved immensely in the past few weeks. It's easier to get around the house; sitting positions are more varied and more numerous again, and everything in general is less trouble than before. And tomorrow, I hit a big milestone: I'll be able to shower again, after over a month of washcloth baths. It will be a convoluted process (involving changing into my old, pre-surgery brace that's allowed to get wet), but I have a feeling it will be more than worth it. (I'll also return to church for the first time since the surgery.)

This has been a really unusual summer, but it's nice to have the busiest part of it in the books. I'm looking forward to a whole lot of nothing for a significant part of this weekend.

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