Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Update on Me

I don't have a lot of time before camp, but I have to mention something cool that happened yesterday: I went to physical therapy, and, despite the fact that I really didn't get to do my prescribed exercises at all while I was away at convention, I was able to bend my knee thirty more degrees than I had done at the previous visit! I felt somewhat like a kid who made a good grade on a test without studying (or, as someone noted at camp, like a kid who did well at a private lesson without practicing), but I'm not complaining. And like before, I always come out of PT feeling like a "new man," with increased flexibility and mobility. (The mobility itself is better as it is; I "graduated' to a cane once I got home from the convention, as I'd been using the walker pretty much like a cane--all folded up and to my side--for the last few days as it was.)

Camp is going well so far; I'll try to update here and there as best I can during this busy week.

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