Thursday, June 23, 2005

They're Hoopin' It Up in the Alamo City

Let's take a break from posts of substance today and talk

First of all: GO SPURS! Their victory tonight brings the championship back home to Texas; if the Mavs can't have it yet, I'm happy to see it go to a Texas team.

I've also become quite a Manu Ginobili fan during this series. And what a rush it must have been for him to win an Olympic gold medal and an NBA championship within a year of each other! (Manu has a cool website too; he even does a bit of blogging!)

It would seem that I was good luck for the Spurs during the Finals as well. Whenever I watched them on TV, they did well; their losses came when I was elsewhere. Tonight, as I drove home from combo, they were down by as much as nine points until I got in front of the TV, at which time the miraculous fourth-quarter comeback commenced.

Unlike the other two Texas NBA cities, I've never lived in San Antonio. It's only "my town" for four days each February, when I attend a great convention, but I love the Riverwalk, and there's undoubtedly a big party going on down there now.

Shock (jock) waves: You could almost imagine this happening to Howard Stern, but it took place in England: Radio shock-jock tells a popular pin-up girl that he'd be willing to leave his wife and kids for her. Wife hears the broadcast and sells his Lotus on eBay for 90 cents. Ouch.

PETA will be blubbering about this: A Japanese restaurant chain is now selling whaleburgers. (Hat tip for both items: Dave Barry's Blog)


Steven said...

They are just cornering the fat person market. Just imagine it, "A whale for a whale!"

Kev said...

Heh, maybe...but how many fat Japanese people do you know of, besides sumo wrestlers?

Jazzy G said...

Mr. Anonymous Lotus winner is sure one lucky guy!!