Thursday, June 09, 2005

"On This Date in 2005, Nothing Happened"

OK, that's not totally true, but this was our official "chill day" here on the trip. A small group of us made it downtown to Henry's Diner, which I wrote about on the previous trip two years ago. They didn't have the legendary chocolate/peanut butter pie from last time, but it was still quite good (and yes, the search is on to find the pie elsewhere before we leave). The rest of the band got in today, so many of them were in bigtime nap mode upon arrival. A bunch of us did go to a great waterfront restaurant called Shanty on the Shore. The building it's in has been around since the 1830's, and the seafood was great; one of their trademarks is clam chowder served in a bowl made of bread. Good stuff.

Tomorrow is make-your-own-excursion day; it's possible that each of the three vans (yes, we added one with the arrival of everyone else today) will go a different place. Of course, anything blogworthy will be duly reported.

This old house: One of the coolest things I've seen up here so far is the architecture. It's so completely different from Texas; many of the houses are quite old and, in keeping with the much smaller amount of land in the state, go up more than out. There's also an immense amount of wood being used in the construction, which would never happen in Texas (due both to the lesser availability of wood and the strict fire codes brought on by the dry climates). I've always been a fan of architecture, and I could fill a ton of notebooks (or CD-ROM's) with pictures if I got a shot of everything here that looks cool. It must be pretty easy to make postcards here, because I've seen so many things that are postcard-worthy.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: (during an exchange between me and Ben Z. while headed out to mail my nephews their teddy bears from the other day)
BEN: Do you want help carrying one of those?
ME: No, I think I can bear the load. I'm more concerned about the rain, because I don't want them to get bruined.
*rim shot*

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