Sunday, June 26, 2005

Some Short Sunday Stuff

Today, like the past two, was mostly unscheduled, so random thoughts abound...
  • Congratulations to the UT baseball team for winning the College World Series this afternoon. Their outstanding closer, J. Brent Cox, will make a name for himself in the big leagues sooner rather than later. One thing, though--I don't watch enough college baseball to not be startled at first by the "ping" of the (aluminum) bat; there's just something not-quite-right about that to these ears.

  • Incidentally, "Augie Garrido" is one of the coolest names ever for a baseball coach.

  • AIM is an amazing thing. Within the same hour this afternoon, I, while sitting here in Texas, talked to a fraternity brother in London and another one who's on active service duty in Fallujah, Iraq. That just blew my mind: I'm talking to someone in Fallujah. Technology is a wonderful thing, in this case. (Oh, and happy engagement, Dan!)

  • I enjoyed the fireworks tonight, even if the show was fairly short. (What, you don't celebrate the 26th of June with fireworks? OK, I don't either, but the suburb next door does theirs a week early every year so as not to compete with the ones here next weekend.)
Greetings from the real Arlen: Yesterday, it was The Simpsons; today at Althouse, the subject is King of the Hill. This "Arlen" resident felt obligated to chime in, though several other commenters pretty much beat me to the punch on most of what I wanted to say.


Anonymous said...

Dan's engaged?? :-O


Kev said...

Yup, and you were one of the ones I was supposed to tell. I didn't know if you'd find it here before I had a chance to email you, we go.