Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Beary Good Day

This won't be a long post, as today was pretty "chill" compared to the activity-filled Saturday and Sunday. We started out the day at the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, taking the factory tour and building bears as necessary (I got one for each of my two nephews). The tour is short and informative, as well as being full of really bad "bear" puns. We also, by a rather circuitous route (which took us over a wonderful covered bridge), ended up in the town of Middlebury, which features a very cool waterfall that's right behind the town square area (ahh, the photo's I'd post if I had a digital camera--but go here for now).

We also got to trade in the SUV's for minivans, which means we can play CD's in the Temporary KevSoccerMomMobile for the rest of the trip. This came in handy, because I picked up the new Joshua Redman CD, which is most excellent. Tomorrow, we "conquer" Mount Mansfield again, as we've done during each previous trip here. I'm sure that will be the subject of the next post.

A moo-ving experience: After lunch in Middlebury, we ended up taking refuge from a sudden storm inside this unique store called Holy Cow, dedicated to the bovine artwork of Woody Jackson, who does all the cow illustrations for Ben & Jerry's, among other things (which reminds me--we're touring the B&J factory tomorrow before the mountain ascent). They had some really fun, unusual stuff there, including a T-shirt of the American flag where all the stars were cows. Udderly enjoyable...

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