Saturday, June 25, 2005

Taking the Show On the Road, In a Way

Here's a new one: I haven't had time to do a post of my own today because I've been too busy commenting on other blogs...Obviously, you may have to scroll down to get to my comments on any of the above posts, but the overall discussion is interesting.

Oh hey, whatdyaknow...I did just do a post today...about not posting! I think I may have tapped into the creative process of the Seinfeld writers, not to mention newspaper columnists on a deadline. Heh.


Jazzy G said...

I can't stand the word 'blouse'.

Family Guy is better.

My mom has gotten a few bread chain mails over the years.. but she likes to cook. If it was good, she'd bake 4 loaves and trash the rest. As for me.. I'd probably be nice and accept the bag.. then promptly trash it when the giver left. Or pawn it off on mom. :P

We have such lovely names in my family (all originating from my father's side) like.. Merle, Laird, Garnet, Elmo (who was called Flip or Flipper), Abbygail... of course we have my name too.

Steven said...

I think the word "birth" is interesting. It defines the entrance of new life into the world, but have you seen stuff actually being born? Yuck!