Friday, August 20, 2004


I've posted before about how there's usually a day at beginning of the school semester that just hits me like a ton o' bricks. For this new semester, today was that day.

WIth the on-again, off-again periods of teaching busy-ness colliding headlong with the summerlike evenings I mentioned yesterday, having the first full teaching day (7:30-5:30) fall on a Friday just really messed with my equilibrium. Thankfully, most of the students were just as out of it as I was.

But at least today felt like a real day of work, for better or worse. Next week, when everyone pays me, it's gonna be really cool.

Whoa, it happened again: You may recall that, back in June, I had a weird-but-cool incident where I drove past Halfling's neighborhood, thought about how funny it would be if I saw him at the intersection, and there he was, first car at the stoplight. Today, it happened again, but this time, it was really a surprise, because I thought he'd left for UNT about an hour earlier. Just like last time, I called his cell and then slowed down enough to where he could catch up to me, and we had an amusing little cell-phone-with-live-video conversation at the next stoplight. He's all moved in now and off to an introductory camp for the weekend, but Sunday's another hang-and-jam for us.

Not exactly the Olympics: A pair of teenagers in Michigan claim they have set a new world record for uninterrupted TV watching. Oh, and Dingus would love this: they did so at an IHOP.

(via Dave Barry's Blog)

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