Sunday, August 22, 2004

Day One Revisited

I went up to Denton today to help Halfling get settled in his dorm room after he got back from Eagle Camp. Angie rode with me so she wouldn't have to make the trip herself, and ultimately we would meet up with Dingus and Cassi and G at the Tomato (it was the second time there today for me and Halfling and Angie, as that was also our lunch choice soon after his return). It ended up being a lot like our normal gatherings at home, just transplanted a bit north.

At one point, Halfling asked me if today was anything like my first-year move-in day had been. I thought about it for a second and said, "well, it's the same building...and I was also a music major on the saxophone, but otherwise, not at all." Here's just some of the stuff that was different:

--Bruce Hall wasn't air-conditioned when I lived there (*shudder*). El Cuarto de Halfling stayed at a constant 71 degrees.

--When I got there, I had probably less than an hour to dump my stuff off before I had to go to a marching band rehearsal, for a show we would perform at a game four days later. The closest Halfling will come to marching is when TD/D plays " The Blues March."

--My dad dropped me off and pretty much left me on my own there (mostly because of the quick rehearsal and so he would only have to miss one day of work). I didn't have the luxury of a girlfriend or best friend to help me out like Halfling does.

--I sure didn't practice anything on my own the first day. Halfling and I read through stuff (mostly this really fun book called "Bop Duets") today for an hour and a half.

And I bet he doesn't get sick on anything the first week either. Advantage, Halfling (not that I'd have it any other way).

It's really cool that my best friend is attending my alma mater and living in my old dorm. We've known for quite some time that this day would come, but now that it has, it finally feels real. If we can get him in a lab band the first semester, that'll be all kinds of sweet, but there's TD/D in any case, and he'll learn a lot up there no matter what.

And speaking of TD/D...check out the group blog (or the "Upcoming GIgs" portion of my sidebar, for that matter) for a big announcement.


G. Travis said...

Not to be pessimistic AND egotistical in one breath, but I will be incredibly suprised if Halfling makes a lab band considering that I didn't make it.. and I only had 10 other people to contest with.

G. Travis said...

..AND now that I've been pessimistic/egotistical and pseudo-bashed a really good person, I'd like to take this time to say "I LOVE YOU!!" so I don't get screwed over at my audition tomorrow. ;-)

I think I need more sleep. *Zzzzz*

Kev said...

G, discounting the egotistical/pessimistic part for a second (reading that will only make him more determined, btw), the math isn't working here; how could you have only been competing with 10 other people if there are 18 tenor spots in the lab band system?

But, to deal with the issue at had a very negative experience up there for whatever reason. I'm not denying the darkness exists, but it is possible to flourish there and not get caught up in all that stuff. That's the approach I've taken in helping Halfling get prepared for things, so please help us out in that regard. Nobody's built up any false hopes or anything; we're quite aware of the odds, but there's no need for darkness from within the inner circle.

I'm gonna attribute your comments to the lack-of-sleep from that rude cellphone awakening you had last night. I know you were only talking about the overwhelming odds of the first audition and didn't mean to bash Halfling personally in any way...hope you can get a nice nap in there today.

G. Travis said...

Well I was a bari sax player at UNT. Hence the 10 people. Sorry about the darkness. I shouldn't let my bad past experiences overshadow someone else's positive begining. And yes.. that anonymous person who called my cell phone should die a horrible death. It messed me up, and I still need more sleep.

Please disregard the grumpiness and:
1) Pleeeaaasee don't mess with my audition
2) Plleaasee don't pawn my bari sax
3) Pleassse make me a friggin sandwich! I'm hungry!

Matt said...

It's ok. Kev's right. More determined. I like proving people wrong.