Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Gig in Review

Just got back from the gig a little bit ago; I've posted my thoughts about it on the TD/D site. I was really happy with how many people showed up too: students/parents, fraternity brothers, people from the college. Mass emailing evidently can be effective if it's used tastefully and with restraint (and doesn't contain the word "Viagra" anywhere).

Normally I'm so hyped up after a gig that I really, really want to go out somewhere, but this time I was tired enough when I got home that I didn't actually mind. I hope we can all go somewhere next time...and seeing as how this one turned out so well, I'm certain that "next time" will be soon.

UPDATE: Dingus weighs in on the night as well.


G. Travis said...

p_P fluuuuurrrgghhhh!

Annika said...

It was GREAT! And... the Mint Tea at Ke Davi was awesome.