Saturday, August 28, 2004

We Live in Trying (-Out) Times

A few telling quotes from this time of year:

"I play better in front of 500 people than I do in front of five judges."--Dingus, on multiple occasions.

"I feel more comfortable performing in front of hundreds than in front of twos"--J-Guar, this morning before his lab band audition.

I think I'm seeing a pattern here...

Auditions are in the air. I've already posted about the 5+ hours of them that I listened to on Tuesday, and most of the Kev World has been on the other end of that process this week. Halfling tried out for lab band yesterday; he didn't think it went too great, but the first one is always the hardest one, and now he knows the process firsthand. J-Guar went this morning, and was quite pleased with how he did. My buddy Bryan from 15th Street Jazz is done with his cruise ship gig and auditions Sunday (the same day that Halfling does his legit audition; that would have been all kinds of wrong if they'd made him do it back-to-back with his lab tryout like they'd originally suggested). All that's left after that is to wait till Tuesday when the results are posted.

I went up to Denton yesterday to hang with Halfling after his audition; I didn't quite get there in time to actually hear it, but caught the unwinding part. He and G and I watched about five Family Guy episodes, and it was probably the best decompression we could have done. It was so great to just do absolutely nothing for a bit.

Afterwards, I was supposed to meet up with my sister and her family, but they were late driving in from Austin and didn't arrive till near Caleb's (my younger nephew) bedtime. I'm gonna meet up with them for lunch in a bit.

So I'm just happy that Zoo Week is practically over and things can settle in. I'll be a bit busier than this week, at least during the day, but things won't be so up in the air as they were this week.

Yay, I win again: I opened my email this morning to find that I'd won another fishbowl drawing from Chipotle. Of all the winnings over the years, I'd never actually won from 15th Street before, which is weird since it's the one I visit most often. It's free dinner for four, but the fourth person has to be a newbie (this could have been a severe challenge, but Ben has never set foot inside a Chipotle before). Now I just have to figure out when we can go. It's really funny that my business cards have probably gotten me more free food than either students or gigs, but hey....whatever works.

The gig at Ke Davi is tonight....I'll report back on it on here and/or on the TD/D site.

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