Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Summer's Cool

For the second time this summer, we actually got a cold front in Texas. It felt great, even though I didn't get to go outside much today. You can say all you want about global warming, but this summer has been really cool (meaning the weather and not just all the fun stuff that I've been able to do). The single hundred-degree day happened when I was in Indiana the whole day, so I've missed the dreaded century mark altogether thus far. It dropped to the 80's by mid-afternoon today, and it looks to be nice for the outdoor gig I have tomorrow afternoon. (I've noticed by reading Lileks' site and talking to J-Guar that it's dang near autumn-like in Minnesota, going down to 55 last night. Brrr.)

The new bed arrived this morning, nearly an hour ahead of schedule. It's really, really tall, but I guess that's how they're making most of them these days. I took it for a test-nap a little bit ago, since Marathon Wednesday ended three hours early due to people having marching band (as I said on my AIM away message for a while, I knew that marching band would be good for something someday).

Other than that, not much going on. I've been trying to schedule a "Kev and Friends" gig for this weekend, but no luck so far. Before long, the TD/D combo will be up and running, and of course I'll shamelessly plug it on the sidebar of this site as well as the gig page of my regular site. I do have a gig with some folks from the college tomorrow afternoon, but that's only for an hour and a half. I successfully put off any substantive progress on the Dread Sked today, but I'll probably do more of that tomorrow.

Wow, looking back, I see that this was a really fluffy post. I'm glad I don't pressure myself to post every day, or the Tripe-O-Meter would be redlining sometimes. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something more to say, and the only fluff here will be on the new mattress. Wow, I should sleep great tonight...

This is too funny: OK, something of substance, albeit a really small substance: the PC EZ-Bake Oven. If one of my nephews goes through a junior-chef phase, that could be the coolest birthday present...

(via The Daily Prawn)

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