Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Yes, it's that day again--the one time during the year that not only do the day, month and year get to be expressed by three sets of the same digits, but they do that everywhere in the world, even the places that would write tomorrow's date as 10.09.09.

We have three more years where this can happen, and then, once 12.12.12 is over, it won't happen again until New Year's Day, 3001. (Today's also the last day of repeating single digits till that day.)

So are you doing anything to celebrate this unusual day? You could buy the remastered Beatles box set today, or get their edition of Rock Band. Me, I'm going to see the One O'Clock's CD release party tonight.

It's still a busy week, but I had to make note of today, just as I've done for the past four years. (It was funny to note that, on 05.05.05, I mused--because that's what I do here--that I'd probably still be blogging about this triple-number phenomenon on 12.12.12; this seems even more likely now.)

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