Friday, August 08, 2008


Here we are again--the day where all three of the numerical abbreviations for day, month and year coincide. I've noted this at least in passing on this blog for the past three years. (It's interesting to note that 07.07.07 is considered lucky by most people; 06.06.06 is considered evil by many, but lucky by the Chinese; 05.05.05 seems to be "meh," neither good nor bad; and today is also considered lucky by the Chinese, which is one of the reasons they chose today to be the opening of the Olympics.)

Me, I have a gig tonight--a private function, which is why I'm not touting it left and right--so I won't be watching any pageantry right away. So there's the discussion question of the day: Will you be watching any of the upcoming Olympics? And if so, what is your favorite event? (My answers would be "probably" and "cycling and swimming," for the record.)

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