Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Small (I Hope) Setback

First, the bad news: The MRI that I had yesterday does show a couple of torn things--one in the quadriceps and in the body of the knee itself. It means that I'll need to see an orthopedist some time (likely at the beginning of the week) to determine my next move. If I'm lucky, it'll be something that can be fixed by rest and exercise, as I'd sure like to avoid surgery if at all possible.

But there is some good news: I"m able to get around again. I bit the bullet today and rented an automatic-transmission car, so I don't have to depend on others for rides anymore. That made things a lot easier, and it means I'll be able to resume teaching (and thus making money) in the public schools tomorrow.

And I'm also sporting a jaunty cane, thanks to a friend who had one in his trunk (from playing Dr. House at Halloween, of all things). The doctor said I needed reinforcement of some sort, and, though a neighbor loaned me a set of crutches right before I left for the college, they seemed to be a disaster waiting to happen. I really figured that, if I tried to keep using those things, I would simply fall and re-injure myself. So when the chance to use a cane came up, I jumped at it (not literally, of course). It really beats hobbling around, and I'm sure it'll come in handy in the schools tomorrow. Now all I need is a top hat to go with it...

Blowing out the candles: Happy birthday Mom! The bulk of our conversation today had to do with my condition (as well as her and Dad's travel plans; they leave for Italy in two days), but it was great to chat for a while. (And I hope that I never again have this same excuse for not being able to send a card...)

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