Monday, April 23, 2007

On Its Way

The Big Phat Band concert was totally amazing on Saturday night. I'm putting the finishing touches on a review of the show, and I'll have that up in the next day or so. Today was consumed with teaching and playing, and the only thing I've got left in me at the moment is sleep.

And now, on to the news...

Don't Mess with Granny: An intruder tried to steal some items from a storage shed on a Kentucky woman's farm, but the owner, who happened to be Miss America 1944, shot out the tires of the getaway car and used her gun to keep the man at bay until 911 could be called.

No, this isn't a stereotype at all: An Arkansas high school's prom last weekend was serviced by porta-potties, thanks to plumbing problems at the armory where the event was held.

A bad habit gone good: A South Carolina woman can claim that smoking helped save her life, after an oak tree crashed through the roof of her house while she was outside taking a smoke break.

One man's trash is (literally) another man's treasure: A couple picking up trash along the highway found a winning scratch-off lottery ticket. That ticket was only worth $15, but they traded it in for a new one and that second ticket netted them a thousand bucks.

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