Friday, March 03, 2006

A Road by Any Other Name

There was a contest held recently by Mitsubishi Motors to determine the wackiest street name in the nation, and the winner was: Psycho Path, in Traverse City, Michigan. Taking the silver and bronze were Divorce Court (Heather Highlands, PA) and Farfrompoopen Road, which the only road leading to a place called "Constipation Ridge" in Story, Arkansas. (I got a big kick out of that one, because I remember the "Farfrompoopen" T-shirts that spoofed the popular Volkswagen "Fahrfurgnugen" ad campaign of a while back.) More finalists are listed here.

There were also some weird intersection names submitted, such as the corner of Nixon and Bluett (Ann Arbor, MI) and the corner of Clinton and Fidelity (Houston). I especially liked the corner of Count and Basie (no location specified). I wonder if anyone submitted some of the ones from here in Garland, such as the corner of Star Trek and Apollo in my old neighborhood, or the corner of Cartman and Mackey in a neighborhood where all the streets are named after South Park characters (the subject of a previous post).

He'll fix the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth: A Georgia prison inmate complained that he was suffering from gum disease, so prison officials transferred him to a cell with an inmate who's also a dentist. Incidentally, the inmate with the gum problem is being held under accusation of an unusual crime: Stealing a plane in Florida and flying it to the Atlanta area.

A hunk'a hunk'a fallin' love: A couple checked into a British inn and got in the shower together; this caused the ceiling of the pub below collapsed because the two of them were too fat.

Cool gadget of the week: Liven up your next pool party with a remote-controlled robotic shark.


Anonymous said...

The Web site reported on the contest sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors. The story had at least one error in reporting that the intersection of Stroke and Acoma is in Lake Havasu, Wis. There is no town named Lake Havasu in Wisconsin. There is, however, a Lake Havasu City in Arizona, and Stroke Drive is near the golf course. Acoma is not “a coma” but is the name of an ancient Indian tribe.

Ms. Worley said...

personally I'm a fan of Chicken Fight Road in Atoka OK