Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Laptop or Contacts?

I know that tomorrow will be so busy that I won't have a chance to post, so I'll toss out this question and let the comments fly for a day or two:

I'm trying to decide what to do for my next major purchase, which will probably be sometime in the next few months. I think I have it narrowed down to either a laptop to replace the Ancient and Venerable iMac (which is still going strong but can't possibly last forever) or a pair of contacts to replace my glasses that have a decade-old prescription in them. Here are the advantages for each one...

Why the computer would make more sense:
  • My current one doesn't allow me to do things like download photos off my digital camera, burn CD's, or do various other things that are only compatible with OS X.

  • If I had a laptop, I could get work done during the day sometimes (the school district computers block all email access except for their own district mail, which teachers in my area don't have). I could also take it in the living room here at home and do computer stuff while watching TV; right now, those two things are mutually exclusive events.

  • I could keep a lot more music on my iTunes with the greater capacity of a new unit, and I could use a bunch of cool music programs like Transcribe! and the newest version of Finale.
Why contacts would make more sense:
  • I just don't like the way I look in glasses anymore: I've had them since third grade, and it's time for a change. This would also minimize the crooked-ears issue and make warm/wet days less of a problem.

  • I've had several friends in the past few years who ditched the glasses for contacts, and they've all gotten this new infusion of confidence afterwards. If you like how you look, others will also pick up on that. In the cases of these guys, it even helped them get new girlfriends, which is a goal of mine as well.

  • I really do need a new prescription anyway, and I might as well make that big change while the opportunity is there.

  • My corrective lenses are older than the computer, so the oldest thing should get replaced first, right?
Anyway, it's not like I'm going to do either one of these things this week or anything, but I'm just opening up the subject to general commentary from you, my friends and readers. Fire away...


Anonymous said...

Hey man, go fo the eyes! Your priority should always be your body/health first...that way you can be around longer to enjoy the laptop you can get after saving a bit longer! If you've never had contacts before, who knows, you might not like them/be able to get used to them and then you'll have money left over to get the laptop sooner! And finally, you'll be able tosee the laptop better if you do the eyes first!

Gary P. said...

My laptop is provided courtesy of my employer (and this 4-year-old machine is due to be upgraded in the next couple of months!), but I'm thinking heavily about getting contacts too. I'm also wearing a prescription that's many years old. The glasses aren't causing me any problems, but I can't wear them in the MMA class I'm taking. It's not a very strong prescription, but I'd still like to be able to see better while I spar.

Shawn said...

As much as I don't care for my eyesight, I could really use them for the next decade... if you catch my drift (Who knows if Shawn wants a masters/doctorate...) I'd say go with contacts... however getting a new computer is always a really cool feeling. I gained a special Mac relationship with mine and I use it for all things... including what I do for school. And Transcribe is amazing software, which I'd do anything for. However, I did have the joy of both purchases being financed by my parents (Though I don't know how long that will last).
Go for the eyes... if I was in the same situation looking through my only pair of glasses I have (aside from contacts) I would go crazy because I can't see that well at all with them.

Anonymous said...

"Blogs are the way the world learns geography."

-- Samarra Semanczyk (1984-)

Eric Grubbs said...

I'd go for the laptop dude.

Anonymous said...

Well let's do the math..

Kev - Glasses = Beating back women with a large stick

Any questions? :P

I do wish you luck in that endevour if you choose to take it. I tried this past fall and I couldn't wear them. My eyes hurt/burned for days afterwards. I ended up getting smaller frames instead.

Anonymous said...

"Kev - Glasses = Beating back women with a large stick"

When I first read this I thought it said, "Kev - Glasses = Beating black women with a large stick".

Anonymous said...

Andrew - Gee, they certainly missed that side effect. "May cause slight irritation, watery eyes, racism.."

Anonymous said...

Okay Kev this has nothing to do with laptops or contacts, but you have to share this with the rest of the world. Some guy made a song making fun of Kenny G. It's so great.

Richard Thompson - I Agree With Pat Metheny

Anonymous said...

Augugughgh *KILLS BLOGGER*
Let's try this linking again shall we?
Richard Thompson - I Agree With Pat Metheny

(sorry for the unintended comment spam)

Kev said...

Yay, double-digit comments....been a while.

Ratspit--Have we met, or did you just surf on in? I don't recognize the handle.

Shawn--You bring up a good point that I'd pretty much overlooked here: I might be able to get both pretty soon if I go for contacts; by purchasing them for myself, I could maybe get the laptop for Christmas, since my parents still spring for big gifts like that sometimes.

Eric--You seem to be in the minority here, so I'd be interested in your reasons for voting laptop over contacts.

Andrew--LOL. Not to worry, no racism or violence here. Unless you meant that, without glasses or contacts, I'd be so blind that I might accidentally strike a group of innocent bystanders while indulging in a playful game of piƱata.
(And would this be the Andrew who I think it is--guitar, UNT, dates Ms. Worley, etc.? If so...we need to do r-ball over break.)

G--Yeah, I've heard that song before. (And please use the term "G-weasel" when referring to His Hairness; he's treated on this site the way they regard Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, as He Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken. Heh.)

I'm also somewhat concerned about the ability to actually wear contacts, but I'm willing to give it a try. I need a holdover like that until I can afford LASIK down the road.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for mentioning HIS name.. had a momentary lapse of judgement due to my horrible day of wasting 5hrs in a recording session, failing a test, and messing up my car. I'm sure you can give me my once error allowed.. right?

Gary P. said...

Jazzy G..... Kenny G..... I see how you could get them confused. I mean, what's the difference?

/ducks for cover

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin - this is the Andrew you were referring to. I don't have a whole lot going on over the break so I'm definetly down for some r-ball. I'll give you a call/you give me a call. See ya.

Anonymous said...

Gary - Ducking isn't going to save you. :P