Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wait a Minute...Isn't This Supposed to Be Spring Break?

OK, I've done a lot of long posts recently, so this one is short and fluffy; call it a "rantlet" if you wish.

I checked my computer at 5:00 yesterday afternoon, a few hours before sunset. The average high in this area at this time of year is around 68 degrees; the Weather Channel forecast at the time said that it was 43 degrees, but it "feels like" 36. I'm sorry, but I think the "spring" part of spring break is sadly lacking at the moment. (And one of the reasons that I didn't post this yesterday is that I spent all my time trying to upload the weather box to this site. I know it's possible, because J-Guar did one about a month ago, but I couldn't figure out how.)

After we got "teased" by a beautiful Saturday, the rest of this week has felt downright wintry so far. Spring break is supposed to be shorts and flip-flops time here in Texas (two things I can't enjoy while teaching), and here we are dressing for January. Gah.

And how much you wanna bet that, when school resumes next Monday, it promptly hits 80 again?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I’m tired of snow. I’m tired of grey skies. I’m tired of coats and long sleeves. I’m tired of hot chocolate. I’m tired of oatmeal. I want short sleeves and sandals and picnics and hot dogs and trips to the beach! I’m TIRED OF WINTER and I WANT TO GO TO ARIZONA!”--James Lileks' daughter, "Gnat," in today's Bleat. It's just a reminder that, no matter how nasty it is here, it's always worse somewhere else. (Lileks is based in Minnesota, and I'm sure that fellow Twin-Citian J-Guar is digging being here in the Metroplex for spring break instead of up there; I just checked the current conditions for his hometown, and it's 28 as we speak. Brrr...)

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