Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Theory Proven?

A few days after my unusual encounter at a small-town Subway, I'm even more convinced that rural Texas and suburban Texas are completely different planets, if not completely different universes.

Tonight, on my way to Denton for the Jazz Rep concert, I stopped at a Subway in the Stonebriar area of McKinney--about as suburban as you can get, which meant the attitudes should be the polar opposite of what I ran across in the small town. Sure enough, I was proven right: Nobody even brought up the idea of toasting my Cold Cut Combo, and the dude behind the register agreed that the mere thought of toasting bologna would be disgusting (though he did remember one customer who wanted them to open his bag of potato chips and spread them all over his sandwich). It was about as different as possible from my Saturday experience (and they charged me the same price that was on the menu, too).

If you're a fairly recent reader, last Saturday was not my weird incident with a Subway employee; I've posted about a few others in the past.

Sonic silliness revisited: Speaking of making fun of restaurants, the Sonic whose sign I mentioned so many times a year ago has gotten much, much better at spelling things, but a recent glance at the sign made me laugh when it advertised an EX-LONG CONEY AND TOTS. While I know that the "ex-" part stands for "extra," it also seems like it could be an abbreviation for "formerly," as in "ex-wife." That made me wonder why they would be selling Formerly Long Coneys and how the coney got that way...unless the carhop got hungry on the way to your car. At any rate, it was cool to have a quick laugh at their expense again.


Eric Grubbs said...

There is a donut shop on the Richardson/Plano border named Hot N Creamy Donuts. I find the name funny due to the overt sexual undertones.

Kev said...

Man, there are so many possible responses to that...but I always said I want to keep this a PG-13 blog. ;-)