Saturday, July 03, 2004

Tour de Rants, Year 2

The Tour de Lance France is underway again, and, just like last year, I have to miss most of it. Why is it that, if they're going to air the whole thing on a piddly little cable network that nobody gets without a satellite dish, they can't partner with a bigger network like they did until a year ago? Ehh, I griped about this at length last year, so I'll send you there if you missed it rather than repeating myself.

At any rate, the pride of Texas, Lance Armstrong, came close to winning the Prologue stage today and did leave his main rivals (Ullrich, Hamilton, etc.) in the dust. Along with most of America (the ones who know and care, anyway), I'm pulling for him to get the unprecedented sixth victory this year. Now if only I could watch it...

(Incidentally, it was really funny/weird seeing Lance's cameo in Dodgeball the other night.)

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