Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A Quick Snapshot from Camp

Camp is going great, and of course I'm swamped this week, with every day continuing pretty much nonstop from 8:30 in the morning until after nine at night. My big band is coming along, and I think the final program for Friday night's concert is set. All of the faculty concerts have gone well; performing with Kevin Mahogany is always a treat, and as was mentioned previously, I got to do that twice on Sunday. (He's also a really, really nice guy.)  Tonight was our tribute to Frank Mantooth; during what I could see of the commemorative video montage (we were playing at the time, so I only caught a few glances), it hit me again how much he'll be missed as a musician and a human being.

Last night, I got to play a pretty extensive solo (on a really weird arrangement that I'd never played before yesterday afternoon). G had her camera in the audience and took a picture, so here's a little stolen moment from camp until I get back to regular blogging:

I'll pop on again later in the week when I get another break, and then I'll have a Dingus-sized post after I wake up on Saturday, which will definitely not be before noon--that's a promise (both the long post and the sleeping past noon).

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Annika said...

Like I said... that was an awesome concert!
Cassi :)