Monday, April 12, 2004

Happy Dyngus Day!

The first birthday of "The Musings" isn't the only special occasion going on; I found out from the comments on my earlier post that today (Easter Monday) is referred to as "Dyngus Day" in Poland. Read all about it here. I wonder if there's a way to merge this Easter tradition with the Dingus Egg from Magic the would be fun to watch the kids run around hunting Dingus Eggs for Easter (really big eggs, no doubt, with a splotch of red on top).

According to the Polish tradition, guys are supposed to try and drench girls with squirt guns, buckets of water, etc. The girls get to retaliate later. I can't imagine Dingus and Cassi doing this, but I would certainly pay for a videotape of said event should it ever happen. The holiday is also evidently celebrated with polka music over there, so there must be plenty of gigs for trombonists (heh heh).

(Thanks to Gary from the TI Jazz Band for the link.)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Legend has it that the world was hatched from a dingus egg."--from the front of the Magic card.

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