Monday, April 05, 2004

Another Sonic Update

Avid readers of this blog (and I appreciate both of you, I really do) will notice that there hasn't been the usual monthly update on the famous Sonic sign yet (if you're unfamiliar with this saga, a recent installment with links to the previous ones can be found here). They have been getting better recently, so there may come the time when I have nothing else to write about on the subject. But I'll still keep checking every month, just in case...

Anyway, I went by there this morning, and the verdict is still the same: better spelling/questionable grammar. The far side of the sign still proclaims that TUESDAY NIGHT HALF-PRICE BURGERS IS BACK; on the near side, it reads:


OK, the spelling passes muster. I do wonder, though, how something could be "carb-friendly." Low-carb? Sure. Atkins-friendly? Maybe. I don't know how you could be "carb-friendly" unless you said "Yo, carb, what up!" to the first carb you ran into that day. But I guess at the place where coneys can be hungry, it's also possible to treat a carb with kindness.

MOB SCENE: The debut CD from Spymob, Sitting Around Keeping Score, hits the stores tomorrow. I found out about this band last semester on J-Guar's old site and got the CD months ago from the band's online store...and now it's available everywhere. If you haven't checked this band out yet, go to their site and listen to the full-song samples.

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