Sunday, March 21, 2004

Burrito Framed

This was not a bad weekend overall--too short as always, but a welcome relief before everything heats up to full strength after the two breaks. Still haven't been able to get an estimate on the car; I missed the place closing by two minutes yesterday. It'll come in time. Had a big planning session for the Sinfonia workshop today, so the to-do list is getting whittled little by little (say that in your best Barbara Walters or Elmer Fudd).

Last night was more bowling with TD/D (as always, preceded by Starbucks and followed by Whataburger). I found my "favorite" ball again (the 14-pounder with the divot) and didn't do badly, though I was disappointed that a game with no open frames till the fifth didn't get back on track soon enough to break 200.

We did have a first last night: a burrito frame. We've already taken a cue from league bowlers and established "Coke frames" (actually Dr Pepper for most of us), where the one person who fails to mark when everyone else does in any given frame owes the rest a Coke. We don't actually collect said Coke while bowling; rather, we add up the cumulative Coke frames and eventually get "paid" in two-liter bottles (saves money that way). Demon Matt has fallen victim to the most of these so far; at over 22 frames since TD/D bowling started, we figure he owes me and a few others at least four two-liters of DP already.

The burrito frame is a more daunting task: If you get a turkey (three strikes in a row) in the tenth frame, the rest of the bowlers chip in on a Chipotle burrito for you. We thought this wouldn't happen for a long time...until Coop did it last night. I still beat him by two pins (167 to 165) in the game, but he gets the delectable foil torpedo. Dingus also vows in his latest post never to bowl under his real name again.

Tomorrow night I have that gig with Mike Vax. It may well be jazz at its most spontaneous: as of this moment, we have no idea what tunes we're playing, if/when the rehearsal takes place, and which sax I should bring (I'm opting for the tenor since my best fake book is in Bb). And you know what? I bet it'll turn out just fine.

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