Friday, March 19, 2004

Another Random Collection of Stuff

Last night, big band practiced in the dark--not because they don't keep the power on during spring break, but so we could get used to playing illuminated only by stand lights, which is how it will be tonight at the Monopoly gig at the StarCenter. I think it definitely weirded a few people out.

I made the trip from Lakeview to Webb today without getting hit by anyone. Woo! (Dang, I still have to get an estimate on that...)

The two evenings off this week were nice. I still haven't made a big enough dent in the rest of the to-do list, but at least I have a bit more energy.

There's a new Subway over by Naaman; it's been open one whole day. I had lunch there today, and thankfully, they already know how to make a sandwich. I felt bad when I kept seeing people in their 40's and 50's coming in for job applications. No wonder teenagers have trouble finding work... At least I have a job--one that I really love--and people have finally started to pay me this week (yay).

QUOTE OF THE DAY, HONORABLE MENTION: (an exchange during lessons with a middle-schooler who kept playing F#'s in a piece with two flats in the key signature)
EIGHTH-GRADER: I don't know why I put the F#'s in there...I like F#'s.
ME: Well...I like maple syrup myself, but I don't put it in my chili.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "But I enjoy the taste of caffeine way too much."--Fizban, in response to my suggestion that following "Kev's Caffeine Rule" (none after 7 p.m.) might help him go to sleep sooner. (Coming in at 7:17 a.m., this may be the earliest spawning of a QOTD on record.)

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