Sunday, February 29, 2004

Leapin' Wizards

Well, I just had to post something today since today only happens every four years...

I have to give a shout-out to Sassy, one of the most awesome dogs ever. She was born on Feb. 29 of '84 (thus making her a "leap dog") and gave my family many good years. At first when we got her, my folks called her a "moodle" (part maltese, part poodle), but later on they found out she was probably a bichon frise, which sounds fancier (and more than a little bit like cussing in French). When she died, Dad got sympathy cards. For real.

As for the whole issue of being born on Feb. 29 and getting to divide your age by four--J-Guar may think it's hokey, but I thought it was at least somewhat cool to read about the guy born in 1908 who's celebrating his "24th" birthday today. It appears from the article that he really has taken a few swigs from the fountain of youth (he's a musician, natch). Someday, I want to be that guy...

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled update: Demon Matt, Fizban, Coop and I did the Trifecta (Chipotle, Krispy Kreme and Starbucks in one sitting) for Coop's birthday yesterday, then walked it all off around Stonebriar Centre. Last night was bowling part two, and we continued to run into the shallow end of the gene pool. To wit:

--More drinking couples; though nothing like Lush Life and Pouty Waif, they did seem annoyed when we asked to use our actual assigned table, which they had been hogging.

--The pre- or early-teens who gave themselves vulgar names up on the screen and had no concept of lane etiquette whatsoever. Fizban almost threw a ball at one of them.

--The cowboy/cowgirl on the other side who had to paw all over each other between every shot. Coop was saying "Get a room!" (out of earshot, of course), but my reply was that they were probably more likely headed for a bale of hay instead. It was fairly nauseating, especially when they were leaving and he knelt down to tie her shoes for her! C'mon dude, grow a pair.

--The family who brought ten elementary-aged kids to the adjacent lanes at 10:30 at night. What were they thinking? Besides taking all year to bowl, the kids would all crowd around the lane when someone else was bowling and totally get in our line of sight. Oh, and they screamed like banshees when the lights went down for blacklight bowling at midnight. Shouldn't that tell you that they were out too late?

At any rate, we had a good time even if the element around us was distracting. Maybe that was the point--we all need to work on the whole ball of focus thing a little more. Birthday Boy Coop even beat me one game by five pins. Much as I enjoy schooling my friends, I realize that one night, Mark will make it out and my reign will be over.

Oh, and Halfling, Fizban (that's the "wizard" part of this title, heh), Coop and I did the "Extra Day, Extra Burrito" thing tonight at Chipotle, for which we'll be handsomely rewarded next week.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I'm surprised any of the houses in between you guys are still standing."--Me, to Halfling and Fizban, who live on the same street and pretty much hurled a nonstop volley of insults back and forth for the duration of the burrito hang.

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