Friday, May 30, 2003

2BC, Or Not 2BC

OK, let me explain the 2BC: It's another one of those goofy contests that only guys would do, along the lines of Basketbottle but requiring a completely different type of physical skill. You know, of course, of the collective affinity for Chipotle among my crowd. Well, one night after big band, a friend comes with us and tells us how he once ate two burritos in one sitting! Well, that made people think--always a dangerous thing--and the idea for the Two-Burrito Challenge (2BC) was hatched. We didn't impose a time limit (but found out today that the original guy inhaled his two in 20 minutes *shudder*) but the idea was to finish without getting sick.

So we actually had 8 people show up, but few participants, when it came down to it. Most of us just had our normal burrito lunch and didn't even go back for the second one. Lee and Matt and Pat and myself were pretty much operating under the same idea: too much food, not enough money. (In fact, Stephen S., the original guy, didn't eat even one because he was broke!) However, Steven D. (Dingus 2) actually successfully completed the quest. Even Zack, who'd been anticipating this for weeks, didn't quite finish the second one (he made it about 2/3 of the way). His dad was in town for graduation and really liked the place...nothing like that in Pennsylvania, evidently. But the good thing was, nobody got sick, we had the longest burrito hang in history (3 hours) and I'm sure there'll be a "rematch" sometime.

(UPDATE: As the 2BC has evolved, we did in fact add a one-hour time limit to the proceedings; the longest anyone has taken so far is 45 minutes, and the speed record is now 13 minutes. Oddly enough, both of these records were set on the same night.)