Saturday, May 17, 2003

Art for Kev's Sake?

Nice to have a quiet, lazy day for once. Didn't do much of anything but catch up on the last 2 weeks of taped TV shows...also the first time in two days not to see the Matrix, and the first time in three days not to go to Chipotle. I guess man cannot live by burritos alone...

OK, so about the art project thing: It turns out that, someone was taking pictures on Friday night of the Jazz Festival, though I had no idea she was there (I was too busy playing "Stella by Starlight" with the rhythm section playing in the wrong key...but that's a story for later). Then she took one of the photos (nice black and white pix of the kind used by performers for 'publicity stills' and did the silk-screen thing with it, so that my image ended up as the white highlights on a black background. She comes into big band rehearsal the other night, and Kris goes over to her and takes out this picture and says "does anyone recognize this?" and I look at in and realize: holy crap, that's ME! She took pics of a bunch of different players that night, but mine turned out so well that she wanted to use it for her portfolio. I had to sign a 'model release' and everything (haha right, me a model!) but I got a copy of the publicity shots (which I can use in that manner if the need arises) and the silkscreen thing too, which will be part of the new frontpage when I redesign my website sometime over the summer. (The site is somewhat vanilla right now, but if you wanna see it you can click here.) Once I get this thing scanned, maybe I'll have a link to it before it goes on the page, cuz it really is pretty cool even if it's a picture of me. :-)

Oh yeah...Go Mavs!!

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