Saturday, April 19, 2003

Yoda and Luke Play Bebop

Unlike last week, I actually got to do the Starbucks gig tonight..."15th Street Jazz" was back in full force, but I was kinda sorta the guest artist, just sitting in with my jazz protege Chris and his buds (as I told one of my friends that was there, it was kind of a "Yoda and Luke get together and jam" situation). Lotsa fun, and definitely not something we would've imagined three years ago when I started teaching him. I've often had people talk about forming bands and getting gigs before even getting out of high school, and these guys went and did it. It's certainly something I'll encourage the rest of the "Renegade Improv" gang to do in the next couple years.

But it's always great to mix good friends with good music, and to do so in front of an overflow crowd, get a little green and coffee on the tonight goes in the books as a success.

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