Saturday, April 26, 2003

Roastin' the Pig (Part IV)

Played the pig roast gig again tonight....first time they've done this in the spring. As always, it was really good pig (plus the casserole with like 18 different beans in it, and the righteous cobbler with the locally-made cinnamon ice cream...mmmmm!), but one of the highlights is getting to see the house of the people who bought the roast (at an auction). This one was an old Victorian near downtown Plano, and the "before and after" pictures were amazing....two years ago, the back porch was literally falling off and the place was actually condemned, and now it's like walking through a museum! Kudos to the owners for a beautiful restoration (I've always liked architecture, ya know...might've gone into that if my HS teachers hadn't made me hate math so much). And as always, the music went over really well, We had tickets to next week's concert to hand out, and maybe we'll see some of those folks there.

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