Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Playing a Loooooong Game of Catch-Up

OK, it's been a crazy few weeks--preparing for a weekend with both a recording session and a gig with a guest artist, then getting students ready for a rescheduled Solo & Ensemble this past weekend. Blogging already took a hit once I joined Facebook, and the fact that the above events pretty much ate the two or three free hours that I usually have at home means that I'm all kinds of behind. So I'll be posting things from the past few weeks over the course of this week, and I'll alert everyone as things go up.

Thanks as always for your patience. I'm committed to keeping this going, but sometimes the days just need to have a few more hours in them.

UPDATE: And the catching up has begun. Check out some pictures from the unusual venue where I played a gig over the weekend, along with two weeks' worth of "Playing This Week in the Kevmobile" posts.

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