Sunday, March 06, 2011

Playing This Week in the Kevmobile

The iPod went into hibernation again from Monday afternoon until part of Tuesday, so I rocked the classics on CD until it woke up again.
  • MONDAY: The end of the Happy Apple CD from the previous day (see last week's post) until the iPod went to sleep.

  • TUESDAY: Böhm-Halle-Sell, "Try to org." Innovative German/Norwegian trio of piano, trumpet and laptop (with two of the three guys named Rainer) combines tuneful melodies with a generous helping of electronic skronkiness. I need to check out their DVD, which seems (from the trailer featured on their MySpace) to be a bit more straight-ahead.

  • WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Kurt Rosenwinkel & OJM, "Our Secret World." The guitarist's first CD of originals with a big band, Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos out of Portugal, whose members did the impressive arrangements. (Yes, I liked this one so much that I played it twice, which is why it took up two day's slots.)

  • FRIDAY: Kneebody, "Low Electrical Worker." I can't get enough of this group; in this case, their second release disproves the idea of the dreaded sophomore slump with great, genre-busting writing and playing throghout.

  • SATURDAY: DjM Trio, "The Intrigue." Chicago-based band describes its interesting style as "an amalgam of Jungle/Dub/Afro-Beat/Jazz." (To my ears, the band is less successful when the guitarist picks up a tenor sax, but I'm also really picky about saxophone tones, so that could be just me.)

  • SUNDAY: Jonathan Kreisberg, "Shadowless." Newest effort from the guitarist who's commanding a lot of my attention lately. His band from "The South of Everywhere" (featured in yesterday's posted video) remains mostly intact from that CD, save for the replacement of pianist Gary Versace with my old college classmate Henry Hey.
As always, I'm looking forward to another great week of music and driving.

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