Saturday, March 05, 2011

This Band Is Rocking My World

And no, they're not a rock band; I like a good one of those every now and then, but there's so much jazz to absorb right now. Enjoy an innovative tune from a cutting-edge guitarist and his band who deserve a lot more recognition:

I first heard about Jonathan Kreisberg from some of the students at UNT, and I'm happy that several of his recordings are on eMusic, which allowed me to acquire the CD from which this tune is the title track. The band is killin', and they make great use of unusual textures and odd meters. Some people call Kreisberg the "next Metheny in waiting," and I think the title is fitting.

One of the members of the nighttime combo at school is working on adapting this tune for our group, and I'm happy to be a co-conspirator in this venture. I hope we can do it justice.

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