Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Since I Don't Have Time to Do a Real Post Today...

...I'll share a song instead:

It's "Crossed Wires" by Mike Mainieri, the vibraphonist and longtime leader of various editions of the group Steps Ahead. This one comes from a 1981 album, Wanderlust, which was released before Steps Ahead had a domestic recording in the U.S. (though they'd already enjoyed tremendous popularity in Japan). Most of the Michael Brecker edition of Steps Ahead (Peter Erskine, Warren Bernhardt) is on board, even though it's not an official Steps album, and Marcus Miller plays bass. I'm happy that it was re-released on CD a while back.

As for this song--yes, it reminds one a bit of "Birdland" for a moment, but it's a cool tune in its own right. The pictures on this video are cool as well, though it's NSFW from about :29 to :43 (it was evidently done by someone from Italy, where a naked lady is considered more artistic than naughty, at least as I understand it).


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